About Us

RUPAYAN is a trusted brand in real estate sector in Bangladesh. Since its inception, RUPAYAN has been serving the nation by constructing high standard residential as well as commercial establishments.

RUPAYAN is always striving for excellence through strong R&D in order to maximize customers’ satisfaction.

RUPAYAN has a very strong platform featuring cutting-edge technologies, highly capable workforce, excellent financial support and accurate delivering capacity. Best locations and premium quality are the major characteristics of the properties of RUPAYAN.

Welcome to the Rupayan Group. Established in 1989, the Rupayan Group has remained dedicated to doing business differently and innovatively. Our diverse business ranges from real estate development to hotels, garments, shipping and much more. Our maiden company, Rupayan Art View is a pioneer in the field of outdoor advertising and our flagship company Rupayan Housing Estate is a market leader in the field of real estate development and construction.